Intel Open Source Graphics Programmer's Reference Manuals

This is a mirror of the PDFs at Intel's official site, as well as PDFs of older GPU architectures no longer hosted there. This mirror provides bulk download of the PDFs via git, and better organization than Intel's site.


Gen12.5: Alchemist / Arctic Sound-M / DG2

Gen12.0: Rocket Lake

Gen12.0: Tiger Lake

Gen12.0: DG1

Gen11.0: Lakefield

Gen11.0: Ice Lake

Gen9.5: Whiskey Lake

Gen9.5: Amber Lake

Gen9.5: Coffee Lake

Gen9.5: Kaby Lake

Gen9.0: Broxton / Apollo Lake

Gen9.0: Skylake

Gen8.0: Cherryview / Brasswell

Gen8.0: Broadwell

Gen7.5: Haswell

Gen7.0: Bay Trail

Gen7.0: Ivy Bridge

Gen6.0: Sandy Bridge

Gen5.0: Iron Lake

Gen4.0: G45

Gen4.0: G35